How to save money on shopping: promotions, discounts and promo codes Republic

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The store’s catalogue includes a big variety of products. Promotions allow you to buy the products you need at affordable prices. Such promotions let you buy two products for the price of one, or three for the price of two. You can also get a gift when buying some particular item, or get a 50% discount on the promotion items. You can find the most interesting offers on the main page of the website. To see the full list of such offers, go to the “Discounts” section.

Apart from the promotions there are also different kinds of sales.  There can be seasonal or holiday sales: New Year, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day and others.

Another way to save money is to use discount promo codes. A Republic promo code allows clients to buy items at a lower price. To get a discount you have to copy the code of the coupon and enter it into the designated bar while processing the order on the Republic website.

If you want to get current information about the ongoing promotions and sales, you can sign up for the newsletter. You’ll get not only the information about the promotions of the shop to your e-mail, but also a 10% discount on your next purchase.

How to get Republic books at lower prices: books subscription and a loyalty program

The bookstore Republic announces special subscriptions that allow clients to buy books at favourable prices. The subscription gives the customers an opportunity to get a book worth up to $14 every month. The subscription for 5 books costs $42, for 12 books – $84.

There is a special loyalty program MULTIPASS for regular customers. This program allows the client to accumulate bonuses for the purchases and then pay with these bonuses for orders. To get more information on the loyalty program, go to the official website.

Delivery information

The order can be delivered via courier services, or you can collect the order from the Republic stores as well as from PickPoint or Boxberry.

The time and way of delivery are determined automatically and depend on the location of the company’s warehouse in which the goods from the order are stored.

For instance, the courier services can take up to one day to deliver within a city and cost $2. Express courier delivery is carried out within 3 hours and costs $6. You can get the order yourself from the store the same day. The order will be stored there during 3 days. Getting the order from PickPoint costs $3, but it can take from 2 to 4 days for the order to be delivered there. The delivery to Boxberry is carried out within 2 to 3 days and costs $3.

The payment can be done in cash, or with a debit card online.

If you get the order yourself from the store you can pay for it in cash or with a debit card.

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