M.Video discounts and promotions

M.Video provides a huge choice of discounts and advantageous offers. One of the company's slogans is “Not a single day goes by without a promotion”. A customer can receive nice gifts or participate in giveaways and enjoy valuable prizes, get an M.Video discount code or up to 100% cashback in the form of bonuses, as well as a free software license or a favourite game as a gift with purchase.

Types of promotions held by M.Video:

  • "2+1" and "3+1". Savings are usually more that 25-33%. When purchasing products from the same selected category, a customer gets every third or fourth item in the receipt (from the same category) free of charge. As a rule, dishes, household appliances, household goods, etc. are drawn as prizes. Regular promo codes can’t be applied here, but M.Video coupons called M.Coupons can. The number of promotional products may be limited.

  • Additional bonuses from M.Video. When purchasing promotional items, cashback from the M.Video store (in the form of bonuses or to a bank card) can reach up to 100% of the total cost. Electronics, photo and video equipment, accessories, and other products from famous brands are drawn as prizes in such promotions. Several random customers usually receive the full order amount back. To participate, you may need to register your product using a code from M.Video on a manufacturer's website.

  • Gifts with purchases. This is one of the most common types of M.Video marketing deals. An inexpensive accessory or free access to a paid online service, as well as expensive software and household appliances can serve as a gift.

  • Trade-in. Thanks to this offer from M.Video, one can get up to 100% discount on a new flagship smartphone. To get it, you should check if your smartphone is on the promotional list. If it is, bring it to the store. Do not forget your passport. After that, a consultant will evaluate the device and determine the discount.

  • Free delivery. If the order total cost is over $100, the store will deliver it for free. When calculating the total amount, you must take into account the discount provided (if any) including an M.Video promo code. It also should be mentioned that different items are delivered free of charge at different distances: major appliances – within the city and up to 10 km from it, small appliances – up to 100 km from the city.

The M.Video website has a separate Sale section, where you can buy selected products from a wide range with up to 50% discount. Here you can find mobile gadgets and electronics, computer games and software, DJ equipment and audio equipment, car audio, etc.

M.Video bonuses

The company has a loyalty program called M.Bonus. To participate in it, you should sign up on the website and get a virtual bonus card. Under the program, each client receives from 3% to 100% cashback on the account. One bonus from M.Video is equal to $1. You can redeem to pay up to 100% of the purchase price.

Program features:

  • Bonuses can be converted for an M.Video discount in 14 days after the date of purchase.

  • You do not have to carry the card with you to get bonuses. You just need to give your phone number specified during registration to the cashier or log in to your account when making an order online.

For more information about M.Video bonuses, please see the relevant sections on the website. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions of the loyalty program.

Types and features of M.Video promo codes

M.Video promo codes give its customers some benefits such as percentage or flat cash discounts, a gift with purchase, additional bonuses, and some other similar privileges.

M.Video promo codes can be of several types:

  • M.Video coupon codes published on partner websites. Such discount codes represent a unique combination of letters and numbers and are distributed among media partners. These codes give a customer a discount on the entire order, a specific product or service. To enjoy the privileges, you enter the set in the special redemption field when making an order in the M.Video online store or name it when purchasing in a brick-and-mortar shop.
  • M.Video promo codes if the format of M.Coupons. These codes are a personal discount certificate and are issued for participation in promotions or for the purchase of a certain product. They help you to save on future orders. You may use them after a short waiting period. M.Coupons can give you a discount of up to 50%. For correct use, you need to check off their availability when purchasing online or present them in one of the retail stores.
  • M.Video scratch coupons. They work the same way as the above mentioned types of codes, but you can get them only in the form of scratch cards when shopping in the retail stores. Participate in promotions, scratch the protective layer of the card, and get a unique M.Video promo code that gives you a percentage discount on the next order.

It should be mentioned that M.Video promo codes and bonuses can be combined. Usually, information on what offers can be combined is written in the form of a table in the promotion and sale conditions.